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Jason’s back (he was last on Episode 20) for an extra-long episode where we have a wide-ranging talk about all sorts of things relating to politics. We begin by talking about a theme Jason sometimes writes about on his blog, namely the way soldiers in Iraq tend to be forgotten, and about how if this is a war, how come only the soldiers and their families are called to sacrifice? The poor treatment of the soldiers is the fault of both Bush and Congress, and this has nothing to do with supporting the war itself.

Then it’s on to a talk about Bush’s assault on the Constitution and the foolishness of their actions. This leads into talk about torture and the “war” on terror.

After a brief interruption, it’s on to the 2008 election, first up Ron Paul and his weird use of Guy Fawkes to raise money. Are Hillary’s “negatives” real? Guiliani and others get a mention, too. I’m not a big fan of the presidential selection system, but I see some positive possibilities with the change in primary dates. Jason’s less convinced. I tell you what I think historians will say is the great tragedy of the Bush administration.

We leave on a hopeful note, about how we can steer the world to a better place in many ways by moving away from fossil fuels and toward energy independence. Hey, I said it was a wide-ranging talk!

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Mentioned in this episode: Jason’s “Those We’ve Lost” series of posts.

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