AmeriNZ 209 – Fourth Season Begins

amerinz_podcast_150x150This is the start of the “fourth season” of the AmeriNZ Podcast! I start today with some breaking news. Also, an American product will be made in New Zealand (for us, of course). It’s a four-day holiday weekend, and we’ll be busy—having fun!

I have a lot of work on right now, but I’m also working on the Pride 48 live podcasting marathon and getting ready for that I have some updates on something I’ll be doing, something in the news and something I think is interesting (in a funny kind of way). You may need to wash your ears afterward.

Archerr will do a live group show on Pride 48 starting at 8:00pm Eastern North American time on Thursday, April 1 (1:00pm Friday, April 2 New Zealand time). You can also join other listeners in the chatroom, where you can also ask questions or make comments as the show is streamed. I’ll be back as host the following week.

Links for this episode
What Not to Swear
Fairy Princess Holly’s fundraising page for the Walk for Animals

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