amerinz_podcast_150x150It’s winter in New Zealand; I don’t care what the calendar says. Today I tell you about our holiday weekend, then it’s on to some things from the news: Will Riff Raff be allowed to live in New Zealand? Will the hooker get to keep the bank’s millions? Will the mail still make through the gloom six days a week? Will pendants succeed in locking-down the English language? Will I think of another question to ask?

Something in the PO Box, a phone comment, a written one and my first Audioboo, all in one episode! Great value for the price you pay! (yes, I’m being silly today).

Links for this episode
Mayor’s happy to let in Riff Raff
Bolger suggests reducing NZ Post deliveries
Pedants’ revolt aims to protect English from spell of txt spk
Arthur’s AmeriNZ Audioboo, um, page?

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