AmeriNZ 5 – The Lands Downunder

AmeriNZ_Podcast_150x150.jpgEpisode five of my podcast is now available. You can also listen to it on my MySpace page

This week I talk about New Zealand as it relates to Australia. This was motivated, in part, by Anzac Day bloggage.

Australia and New Zealand are very different from one another. Some people want a common currency, others want total union. Neither is going to happen. I follow up on that survey about gay neighbours, and I’m even more suspicious of the numbers. JoeMyGod responds to my comment. Can’t avoid mentioning racism.

Australian dubbing of TV commercials is goofy.

There are some changes in my life ahead, which don’t really affect this podcast. But should I add another show?

Mentioned on this show:

Slap Upside the Head story on gay neighbours

The National Post article

Joe.My.God. post on gay neighbours

Real Men Wear Pink

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