amerinz_podcast_150x150It’s Maori Language Week, but I’ve talked about that twice (see links), so I’m taking this year off. I start today talking about our weekend, which I don’t do all that often. In the news, the government is changing the alcohol limits for those caught drink-driving. I meander through news and history before moving on to comments, where I meander through news and history—um, yeah.

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Today’s closing music is “Crowing” by Glen Phillips.

Link for this episode
Outcry as drink-drive limit is retainedNZ Herald
AmeriNZ 168 – Assorted miscellany (most recent time I’ve talked about Maori Language Week)
AmeriNZ #28 – Language (I talk a lot about it, but the sound was worse then)
Glen Philips – “Crowing” from the Free Glen Phillips Sampler

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