AmeriNZ 229 – LIVE Politics and more

amerinz_podcast_150x150This episode is presented as streamed out over the Internet—in other words, not edited. For this very special LIVE episode of AmeriNZ, I’m joined by Daniel and TurnipHed. We take advantage of the opportunity to give an update on the Pride 48 DVD. Daniel is anal about audio—like we didn’t know.

We start by talking about the Proposition 8 ruling. Then we talk about marriage equality v. civil unions. We talk a lot about marriage—what it is and can be. Yeah, Glenn Beck is mentioned. Healthcare creeps into the discussion, and then lots of other stuff about American politics, and Daniel makes lots of good points, TurnipHed makes good points about Canada and Arthur mentions New Zealand: Yeah, you’ll have to listen to get the details.

Thanks to Honey of My Honey Wears Plaid for letting me borrow his time slot (I tried to put the furniture back and vacuum afterwards—sorry about the water stains on the tables).

Be sure to listen to Nigel LIVE on The Third Colony Saturday, 9-11pm Eastern (in the Americas, 1pm Sunday in New Zealand) on Go to their website for how to listen, or to join the chatroom. The Trivia Game is back!!

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 229 – LIVE Politics and more

  1. Mr Daniel the doctors kid. Since when did they start using antibiotics to treat flu which is caused by viruses? Doctors may prescribe them but they don’t do anything but cause antibiotic resistance in this case.

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