I have a little housekeeping first: An upgrade to my site caused some havoc, killing off links to my podcast files, and that came as a surprise. I’ll fix it, but it’ll take time. Then, it’s on to a couple items in the news, starting with the cost of Kiwi expats. My mini topic today is a talk about some small things that surprised me when I moved to New Zealand. Comments round out the episode, which lets me comment further.

At the end, I play a special promo I made for Nigel’s The Third Colony show this weekend.

Be sure to listen to Nigel LIVE on The Third Colony Saturday, 9-11pm Eastern (in the Americas, 1pm Sunday in New Zealand) on qnation.fm. Go to The Third Colony website for how to listen, or to join the chatroom.

Links for this episode

Expats costing NZ $14k each

Money: Cheques dying a slow death

All about Lamb and mutton

All about Zucchini

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