AmeriNZ 6 – Arthur meets Adam

aEpisode 6 is now available, a talk episode. You can also listen to it through the player on the right hand side of my blog.

This week, I talk with Adam of This Boy Elroy. Adam’s podcast was one the first of its type I listened to, and it was an inspiration for my own. I also found other podcasts and blogs through Adam’s site.

Don’t talk about religion or politics?! What else could a couple proud liberals talk about? Well, there’s plastic grocery bags, JoeMyGod, Australia and much more. Is America doing penance? Is American democracy doomed? A frank and opinionated conversation—as you’d expect. We had some Skype problems that I tried to edit out, and my sound levels drop toward the end for some reason.

You can see the This Boy Elroy video I mentioned here.

I’ll post my next regular podcast on Friday New Zealand time.

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