Clearing some dust

I’ve now restored the links to all AmeriNZ Podcast episodes for 2010 (and December 2009, too). I’ve also restored the links to all four videos, three of which can be viewed here on the site (for some reason, video 4 won’t play, and I have no idea why—I’m stumped). I also fixed my video player skin, which had an image I made—up until it disappeared.

It turns out all these problems—and more I discovered just this evening—were all caused by upgrades to podPress. I know they call it a “labour of love”, but I’d sure love them a lot more if they didn’t break things when they fixed other things.

Anyway, I’ll keep restoring links. The next update will be when I’ve completed re-linking the podcast episodes from 2009. Please let me know if you discover any broken links to my files (I can’t control external links) fro anything posted in December 2009 or later. Thanks!


One thought on “Clearing some dust

  1. hey arthur.
    i am trying to set up a Travel video podcast, and am tearing MY hair out. (i don’t have much to tear either).
    blogger / wordpress / feedburner / my web Hosting Co. – nothing seems to be working! urgh.


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