AmeriNZ 235 – Live on Pride 48 Again

Today’s show starts a regular series of live shows on Pride 48. I’ll be alternating weeks, roughly, with Honey of My Honey Wears Plaid.

I’m out of practice with these live shows, and thought I’d try some new settings. Well, that didn’t work too well, and the sound on the first 8 minutes is pretty awful, until I re-set my settings and the sound is less awful. It took me awhile to sort out the sound problems. This will get better over time.

Anyway (that’s for HatM), we started out talking about disaster preparations and then just followed the conversation wherever it lead. Joining us later was John Ong, who is one of the first gay podcasters back when podcasting began. We were also joined for awhile by Satyr69. After we finished, we continued on talking with John Ong who did a special show about podcasting.

I’ll be back for another AmeriNZ LIVE podcast on Pride 48 this Thursday, September 23 at 7:30pm EDT (Americas, 11:30am Friday, September 24 in NZ). Honey from My Honey Wears Plaid will be back on September 30.

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Donna Suggarz’ site
Veritable Virgo’s site
John Ong’s site
Satyr69’s site

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 235 – Live on Pride 48 Again

  1. The Loma Priesta earthquake was on October 17, 1989, at 5:04 p.m. local time., during the warm-ups of the World Series between the two Bay Area teams, Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants.
    That three-day supply in case of emergencies is neither codified or generally understood. Homeland Security DOES suggerst it on their website

    Indiana changed to recognizing DST as of 2007.
    Hawaii and most of Arizona are stubbornly holding on against DST.

  2. I don’t feel there is such a big difference between radio host or podcast hosts. Mainly maybe the podcasters are more free to express themselves, give more of themselves. As personally and emotionally. The freedom is mostly due to the commercial/legal side of it.

    Radio hosts seem to be stuck with a narrow schedule, a built and protected personality, narrowed language and a strict etiquette. The has a side of produced professionalism that makes the show tidy and clean. Podcasters are more relaxed, can afford mistakes, talk about themselves or things surrounding them (in contrary to Radio stations that must take in considerations listeners as a central point).

    A fine line is drawn between the two as there are podcasters being sponsored or scheduled to make themed regular shows. They have the “pressure” or advantage like radios to be having to produce quality programming (as sound and content). While keeping the freedom (or some freedom) of opinion.
    Being sponsored or commercialized the hosts and the show has the opportunity to get more unavailable “important” guests on the show available generally only for professional radio stations.

    The things talked about on podcasts and on radio are of the same nature. It is the same junk surrounded with commercial or copyright free music, sections and news.

    Many of the podcasters make shows as a sort of free time filling or passion, a hobby, as for radio hosts or sponsored podcasters it is their job (or a second side duty) and live off of it.

    The debate is the same as between offline old fashion paper newspapers with professional journalists and online news portals (news portals and blogs). Even if there isn’t in some cases qualification or quality differences the old fashion media has still a higher respected status.

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