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Today’s episode is weeks in the making—meaning, I started it innumerable times (you have no idea). I begin with some updates: The local elections, then updates on a couple politicians who have fallen from grace—they’re very different in every way. Next, I move on to some talk about podcasting, Pride 48 and some of the results of last week’s live show. There were some things that came out of that live show that I‘ll be adding. Then it’s on to the main topic, which begins with a lowercase “r”. There’s a lot to that topic, actually.

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 237 – Lowercase r

  1. Can’t wait to hear the stories and listen to history. When I was young there was absolutely no possibility to know about the community’s past nor to listen to experience stories. It would have helped me understand and learn things by listening to such stories.
    Personally I doubt youngsters are ready to listen to more history, to stories of the past and to old grumpy people as they are totally in the hot present and future. But maybe this will help some and they will learn something out of it.

  2. i agree with HatM. it is a problem globally. our history isn’t taught in schools, for that matter in america you are hardpressed to glean the real story from the manufactured history in school.
    am very happy that things went so well in your elections in NZ realistically over here i believe a lot of the crazies have shown there cards a little to early and people are catching on to the motives behind their glamour. i am wishing the media would spend more time on the races that are close and stop focusing on the obvious crazy people that have no chance of winning an elected seat in government. some more smoke and mirrors.
    i always love hearing about the politics in NZ and hope you keep that a part of your show.

    back to the it get’s better campaign. i have found that if people stopped criticizing the campaign based on the words dan used and the arrangement they were in. if they looked to the core of what is being represented there would be less of this self defeatist bs being slung. if people who complained about how “imperfect” the campaign is stopped squabbling about the perfect, idealistic statement that we should be putting out there and actually took time to watch the many videos in his campaign they would find that the majority of children, teens, young adults as well as adults can find videos that help them from either taking their life or inspire them to take action and make it a better place for themselves and others. i have found that the one’s that are complaining are narrow mindedly focusing on one aspect of the whole project/
    plus there is tons of info out there on the internet to help those in need… what we do need is our schools and government-runned institutions from the top down to enact policies and educate the students, teachers, staff, government employees about equality and minority rights. proper codes of conduct. and i am aware of organizations that have been and are doing just that… creating a model for the government orgs. and schools to implement and follow. if you find the solution and create a plan of action for them they have no reason to implement it if the public is in agreement.
    i really recommend you listen to the most recent Trans-ponder podcast interview with Mara Keisling- from the National Center for Transgender Equality and see just what progress has been made.
    thanks a lot for your FANTASTIC show Arthur.
    p.s. sorry for the long ass comment.

  3. I haven’t heard about this a lot, maybe because I don’t follow the news, but during the coming US elections did any of the politician candidates step forward to propose/suggest a solution for stopping teens/everybody to go suicidal?
    Or maybe it isn’t in their work duty? What exactly is their work after being elected?

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