AmeriNZ 293 – Resumption

A new year, a new start. That means updates, starting with the holidays and moving on through the diet as well as some things a bit more exciting (for me, anyway…). Then, it’s a whole bunch of updates about various podcasts I’ve been part of, including this one. The voicemail phone line is no more, so I offer some suggestions on how you can send me an audio message.

We’re recording a new 2Political Podcast this week, and there will be a new The Third Colony on soon (maybe even this weekend!). And THIS podcast will be back again soon!

By the way, I’ve made a slight change to the way I do links: They’re still clickable on the website, but I’ve also included them in parenthesis so people can get the links from the MP3 file details without having to go to the website. I wanted to try this to make sure it works the way I intend it to before I mention it on the podcast itself.

Links for this episode
I was a guest on “Pink Wheelnuts Garage” (
“Arthur and Paul Talk” is no more (
There are several ways to send me an audio message (

Please leave a written comment, an audio message using the SpeakPipe widget, or on Audioboo or Skype (user name on both is AmeriNZ), or send an email to arthur{at] (you can email me an audio file, too, if you want).

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An ending

Paul posted this for us over at the Arthur and Paul Talk Podcast site:

Arthur and I have decided to end our podcast together. Our schedules have made it very difficult to record together. While we enjoyed our time recording and the interaction with the listeners, we simply need to end the podcast and the beginning of a new year is a good time to end it. We appreciate all the support and feedback we’ve gotten over the months of the podcast. You guys are great!

The website will stay around until the domain name expires. The episodes will stay until that time as well.

Thank you for your support!

Arthur and Paul

It’s always sad when a podcast ends, but for me, this one is sad because it’s the first ending I’ve ever been part of. Still, it was necessary. It’s been hard enough for me to find time to record my solo podcast, so finding time to record with another person has been impossible at times.

Still, it’s not like we had a falling out or anything, so THAT’S good, anyway! In fact, don’t be surprised if we show up on each other’s podcasts from time to time. This is the end of one podcast, after all, and we both continue on.

Like Paul said, thanks for your support, and we’ll both be “seeing” you around the pod-o-sphere!


AmeriNZ 285 – Better

This is just an update podcast: Today and this week are both better, and even the weather got better. Yep, had some good developments this week—and one not so good one that still turned out okay. Once again, comments let me expand on topics. There’s even an easter egg this episode.

Links for this episode
Arthur and Paul Talk – our new podcast. The site has subscription information.
Roadshow lessons – My blog post on the Adobe Roadshow

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Arthur and Paul Talk – Premiere Episode

On the very first episode of Arthur and Paul Talk we introduce ourselves, talk about Romney and his latest antics, the Freedom From Religion group, and the Apple podcasting app. Leave us comments or voicemail either here or at the new Arthur and Paul Talk Podcast site. Subscription information, Twitter Feed, Google+ page and voicemail number and email address are all on the new site!

Links to topic articles
Romney’s Got Nothing
Religious Discount
Jesus Statue

Feel free to leave a comment here or to ring my US Comment Line on 206-666-5172, or send an email to arthur{at]

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