About the AmeriNZ Podcast

The AmeriNZ Podcast is my personal journal podcast. The first episode was posted on March 28, 2007.

My name is Arthur, and I’m a gay American now living in New Zealand. I moved here in 1995 to be with my partner, who is a New Zealander. I was born and raised in Illinois, and lived in Chicago before moving to New Zealand.

I talk about my life, about being an expat, about New Zealand and some of the things I see looking at America from overseas. Politics, history, culture, life in New Zealand and being an expat are the main subject areas I cover. Being gay also figures into all that, but it’s not my main focus; there are plenty of podcasts that do a better job of focusing on it than I could.

Guests on the AmeriNZ Podcast have included other podcasters, bloggers, friends and expats of various kinds—a married American couple in Wellington, an American guy who lives with his Kiwi wife and son in Auckland and a gay Kiwi guy who lives overseas with his American partner. A special guest was Kiwi Singer-Songwriter Monique Rhodes (Episode 91), who I found through online social networks. More guests from diverse fields and walks of life will be on future episodes.

Many episodes have been inspired by questions or requests from listeners, and I’m always willing to explore the topics that listeners are interested in. Each episode, I go over comments to share the discussion with and among listeners.

The AmeriNZ Podcast is released once or twice a week.

To contact me, send an email to me at arthur[at)amerinzpodcast.com. You can also leave a comment on my US listener line, (206) 666-5172 or post a comment on the shownotes for any episode.

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Thanks for listening!

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