“Parade of Podcasts” updated

I changed my blogroll for podcasts (on the righthand side, below, called “Parade of Podcasts”). I used a service called “Blogrolling”, but that went offline, basically, October 24 and I haven’t been able to access it to add, delete or change anything since then.

So, I re-typed everything and did the HTML coding myself, which means there may be typos. The links are to those who link to me, or ones that don’t but I like them anyway. If you link to me, but I don’t have you listed, let me know! The omission isn’t on purpose. If you want me to link to you, let me know that, too; I’m always happy to trade links.

Later on, I’ll add a blogroll for blogs, but first things first.

Update 10/01/08: I’ve added blogs to the Blogroll on the lefthand side of this site, called “Bevy of Blogs”. As with podcasts, I have links to sites that link to me or that don’t but I like anyway.


2 thoughts on ““Parade of Podcasts” updated

  1. You’re using WordPress, right? Did you know it has a blogroll feature built-in?


    It will sort them automatically, you can assign categories and sub-categories to them, give them descriptions, temporarily hide them, show different categories in the sidebar, etc. You can even import them from other blogroll services.

  2. Actually, I’m using two different systems: The Links Manager runs the “Bevy of Blogs” and the “Parade of Podcasts” is the one I coded myself.

    My original plan was that I’d type up the lists and code them so that I could use the same blogrolls both here and on my blog—change them once and just replace them as needed on each site. However, I’m actually not very good at messing around under the bonnet (hood) of these themes, and the lefthand side (“Bevy”) was a little complicated for me, so I stuck with the Links Manager blogroll that was already there.

    Part of the reason I did it this way was Blogger, where my blog is hosted. If you use Blogger’s blogroll widget thingee (similar to Links Manager), it doesn’t allow you to set a “target” for a link—it opens and replaces my blog in the tab/window. By coding it myself, I can tell it to open in a new tab/window so my blog stays up. WordPress makes this easy to do with anything you post, but Blogger doesn’t.

    So, the way I did the “Parade” blogroll allows me to have more control over the way links on Blogger work, and it means I only change one blogroll file instead of two.

    Before Blogrolling crashed, I’d actually planned on using it on both sites for the same reason: Maintaining only one list.

    But I’m always glad to hear other recommendations, and I’m sure this isn’t the end of my tinkering. Thanks for the suggestions!

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