Progress report

So far, so good.

I’ve been uploading my MP3 files, which has been going alright. But getting WordPress and podPress to play nicely was another matter entirely. It took me parts of three days to get it all running, that and several different Google searches before I found the answer I needed: The filenames all had spaces, which Linux doesn’t like, and the stats don’t work with the host for some reason.

I basically cut-and-pasted the original shownotes from my blog, changing very little. Mostly, I deleted subscription links to Apple iTunes, because that may be changing, and to Podomatic because that WILL be changing. I also linked to local graphics (mostly). The dates and times of posting are the same as the originals on my blog.

However, all comments are still at my original blog; there was really no way to copy them and, in any case, that just didn’t seem right.

As of this writing, I’ve completed posting the first ten episodes. Everything I just said will be true about the rest of the episodes, too; if anything’s different about later episodes’ shownotes, I’ll do another update.


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