Pardon the dust…

Over the weekend I upgraded WordPress on this site and there was a small but critical change I didn’t know about: It changed the way it handled file path names, and that meant that all my audio and video files were no longer available.

As of this posting, I’ve restored access to all files going back to the Pride 48 live episode posted the end of June, so all episodes from then on (July and August) are again available. I’ll get the rest sorted out, too, but it’ll take time because I have to fix it one episode at a time.

What happened is that before the upgrade there was a drop-down menu for my audio files so I could simply select them. After the upgrade, that drop-down menu was gone and WordPress couldn’t find the files anymore.

So, I have to go in and add the complete web address for each file—easy enough to do, but it takes time. Actually, it’s not that easy: For older episodes I’ll have to check on the server to find out what the filename actually is, and that’ll take a little while longer.

2Political didn’t have this problem when I upgraded it because it never had the drop-down menu: I always had to enter the location of the files.

Oh, and one other thing: I realised I REALLY need to make a custom “404” page—the standard one is ugly.


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