Guest Appearances

Okay, so my schedule has been crazy lately, and I haven’t had time to record. But if you’ve missed me and you just can’t wait until I post my next episode (yeah, right…), I’ve been on two other podcasts recently:

Ramble Redhead Episode 244: Turning the Microphone Around – Tim Corrimal and I turn the tables and interview Tom for his Third Anniversary Show. We tried to ask him some of the questions Tom asks his guests. I have to say, it was a lot of fun “Ramblizing” Tom.

I was also on Dubious Intent DNC Commentary Wrap-up Episode where the host, Daniel Brewer, Chef Mark and I talked about the Democratic Convention, the upcoming Republican Convention, and a whole bunch of things related—and not so related. Did you know I was the only guest on Daniel’s late lamented CallBox 7 podcast?

A new AmeriNZ Podcast is scheduled for tomorrow.


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