AmeriNZ 111 – Between Conventions

Jason and I are back to wrap up the Democratic National Convention and look ahead to the Republican National Convention. What did we think about the speeches at the Democratic Convention? What were the highlights? The lobbyist loopholes must be closed. John McCain’s choice for Vice President: What can we say? We have some breaking news. We think McCain’s choice is truly awful—there’s no stronger way of putting that. Sarah Palin is a tool—I can’t stand her. Given McCain’s indebtedness to the oil and gas industry, who else would he have picked? We have heaps of comments to close out the episode. We’ll be back with another political chat in a week.

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 111 – Between Conventions

  1. Another incredible show that truly hits the mark on the political events that are going on right now.

    Go Obama! Go Obama!

    McCain’s speech tonight was pure trash!

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