Repairs complete

Yesterday I received an email from a listener asking about access to old episodes, and that reminded me: I never finished my repair project. Last night, I did.

Last year I upgraded WordPress and podPress, which together power my podcast, and in so doing my audio files were all unlinked from the posts they were part of. This meant that they couldn’t be downloaded or listened to through the player in each post.

It happened because a setting had changed, and all I had to do to fix it was to add the complete file path name to each audio and video file. “All” I had to do—there were already a couple hundred to deal with!

Initially, I re-lnked all the files for 2010 episodes, as well as December of 2009. But apart from a few old episodes (and all video files), I just stopped. Then, I became distracted (as I often do) and forgot all about it. That email changed things.

So, last night I took a few hours and finished that project. I think that all files are now linked, but if you find one that’s not playable, just let me know. I also cleaned up a few things left over from moving the posts to this site: I fixed a few typos, added tags, those kinds of things. Someday I should clean up the posts themselves.

One addition some people may find useful is that I added political episodes of AmeriNZ Podcast with Jason to the 2Political category; those episodes eventually led to our 2Political Podcast, so I thought it made sense to make them more easily available. Categories are listed in the upper left of this site.

And that’s it. Thanks to an email, this site is back to full functionality—I hope…


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