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This is my last chance to post a podcast episode before the New Zealand elections. Because there have been several episodes in which I’ve talked about the election, I’ll turn on full comment moderation at or before midnight on Friday until the polls close at 7pm on Saturday, this to comply with New Zealand election law. You can still leave comments, but I won’t post them until after the polls close.

The title for today’s episode refers to the trouble I recently had with my podcast, as well as my recent jury service.

Next week I’ll finish talking about the election when I go over the results and what happens next. Soon, I’m going to revist old episodes I did on moving to New Zealand. Curious about any aspect of moving to New Zealand? Let me know!

Links for this episode
Final thoughts on the referendum – my blog post summing up my discussion of New Zealand’s referendum on our voting system.
Opinion polling for the New Zealand general election, 2011 – Wikipedia

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