AmeriNZ 12 – Moving On

Episode 12 is now available. You can also listen to it through the player on the right hand side of my blog, or on my MySpace page.

We’re doing much better, but today was difficult for me. Everything has been made better by the support we’ve had, including from all my new friends from my blog and podcast. Should we animal lovers be a little more upfront? Vicious dogs: They’re usually made so by their owners.

To get my podcast back on track, I talk a bit about Westminster-style parliamentary systems. In some ways, they’re much stronger than an American-style system. The exit of the UK’s Tony Blair is put into context of parliamentary systems, which opens up talk of New Zealand’s application of the system. Parliamentary systems like New Zealand has are more consultative, and so, do things that generally have more broad-based support.

Then, commentapalooza! A special appeal ends this episode—I hope you consider it.

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