AmeriNZ 349 – A Return

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016This is a return for me, though what that means, exactly is up in the air right now. This episode is mainly about telling the story of the tragic reason why I haven’t felt like podcasting, something that make me uncertain what the future holds. This is also the first time I’ve read something long-ish that I’ve written (my episodes are normally unscripted).

I guess I’m back now. Let’s see what happens next.

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“This story has ended” – The blog post I read in this episode.

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 349 – A Return

  1. Well, I just wasn’t expecting two podcasts on my Bloglovin feed from you. It’s good, I guess, to put one foot ahead of the other. I have missed your voice, I’ve discovered. You do this very well. Best in however this podcast journey (and of course your personal journey) take you.

  2. Thanks! There will be more episodes of both podcasts, sooner rather than later. I’ll be interested to see how this podcast turns out!

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