AmeriNZ 348 – Midyear

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016We’re in the second half on 2019 already! I talk briefly about that before going to NZ news, specifically, some recent changes that will affect tourists coming to New Zealand. There was also a weird rightwing social media freakout over a cake. Plus a couple other stories, along with a “me” update.

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Links for this episode
“At the midpoint” – My blog post on the midpoint of this year
“Information about the NZeTA” – NZ Immigration
“Paying the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy” – NZ Immigration
“Americans will need a travel document to enter New Zealand, starting Oct. 1”Washington Post
“It’s just cake” – My blog post on the rightwing overreaction to the NZ Prime Minister making a cake.
“ACT Party rebrand: no name change, will focus on repealing hate speech laws”Stuff
“One pipe dream fantasy remains” – My most recent blog post about the rightwing “Christian” parties in NZ.
“Sunny is eleven” – My blog post about Sunny’s birthday.
“Teatotaling test” – My blog post about trying no-alcohol wines.

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