AmeriNZ 25 – Clean Up

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It’s episode 25 and my first car-cast! I feel like JayT. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve recorded outside of my house. A bit noisy in spots, but these things can be sometimes.

I begin by talking about why I’m, in the car today. Then it’s on to our storm damage (photo on my blog), and dealing with getting it fixed. I talk about returning to the part-time job after being away for three weeks, and the things that have happened since. I also talk about puppy training, including some things that surprised me.

It’s not all about me, though, as I talk a bit about Ponsonby and the value of non-mega bookstores. That goes into a mention of the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” which I first heard mentioned on the Democracy Now! podcast.

No discussion of comments this week, since I was driving while recording. Special shout-outs this week to Archerr, Arick West of the The Beat SF, CallBox 7 and Kalvin of Hello Waffles.

The ending song is “True Love Waits” by Tom Smith from the Podsafe Music Network.

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