AmeriNZ 225 – Busy day talk

I am busy, but with ordinary life this time. Still, I take time to talk with you. First up, I talk a bit about Creative Commons licensing, and how that sort of thing is the future. From there, it’s a talk of the massive fee increases that US citizens living in New Zealand have to deal with. I once praised the US embassy in NZ, but it’s not so great after all. Don’t forget Nigel’s show on Saturday (Americas)!

Links for this episode
The blog post where I praise the US Embassy in New Zealand, and then take it back
Nigel will be on The Third Colony at 9pm Saturday (AEastern Americas)
The very high fees at the US Embassy in New Zealand
Heifervescent – Hoofed and Dangerous

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 225 – Busy day talk

  1. I was watching the news on July 10 and heard, for only the 1st time, that the rates on the passports in the US were going up on July 13. We were away over the weekend, so we ended up getting to the post office at 3:52 pm, just 8 minutes before the cutoff, and spent 2 hours, mostly in line, to renew my wife’s and my passports and to get a new passport for the daughter. Some of the new rates are listed here:

  2. Just heard the latest podcast and now finally understand Creative Commons license. Very informative & I love the song added to the end of the show. 🙂

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