AmeriNZ 85 – Caveman talk

Episode 85 is now available, and it’s free no matter where you get it from. You can listen to it or download it through the player at the bottom of this post, or subscribe for free through iTunes here (you must have the free iTunes player installed). You can also listen to it for free through the player on my MySpace page.

Today I tell you about an iconic Kiwi company that’s decided to ditch New Zealand for Asia. Then, underwear boy may be heading for France. Did cavemen say, “G’day mate?” The ANZAC Day Public Holiday is a week from today, and I may not be posting an episode that day. So, I may only have one episode next week.

Slap Upside The Head just celebrated a birthday—congratulations! Then, I tell you the truth about iTunes reviews. I mention a few emails, then go on to comments.

My outtro today is “Bearing Witness” by Kiwi performer Monique Rhodes from the Podsafe Music Network on (complete links below).

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Running time: 32:15 (29.7 MB)

Links for this episode

Carter offered biggest contract in world rugby

“Neanderthals speak out after 30,000 years” from NewScientist

Slap Upside The Head

Monique Rhodes: Podsafe Music Network, Monique’s website or the Amplifier music site.

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