A change of plans…

Each Monday at 9pm (Americas), I host a live show called “State of the Station” on Pride 48. The shows are intended to provide updates and information to people interested in the Pride 48 podcasting event, which this year will be held September 16-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We record those shows for people who can’t listen live (we do them live is so that people can ask questions in the chatroom and, hopefully, get them answered right then).

I’d originally planned to post the first Pride 48 “State of the Station” recorded show here, as part of my podcast. However, since I came up with that, the more permanent option became available, so it’s now available directly from the Pride 48 Posterous page. All future episodes will be posted there, too, and you’re welcome to leave comments.

If you want to subscribe to the feed so you get all the future shows, then subscribe to http://feeds.feedburner.com/Pride48 For example, in iTunes, go to the Advanced menu, choose “Subscribe to podcast…” then in the box that opens, paste the feedburner URL (don’t forget the http colon and slashes) and you’ll be subscribed to all future recorded episodes as they’re released.


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