AmeriNZ 100 – 100 Not Out

100 episodes! I commemorate the day by not commemorating it: Today is just a normal episode.

So today I tell you about Australia banning t-shirts that may annoy Catholics (it’s nothing new). This sort of thing doesn’t really happen in New Zealand. Petrol may get a whole lot more expensive. Big surprise, I know. I then provide some gout advice. Then it’s on to phone messages and written comments. I even talk a bit about trying vegetarianism for one day.

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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 100 – 100 Not Out

  1. Congrats on your 100th show! Glad to hear you didn’t decide to stop at 100. I was teasing you about the ego thing. You talk about iTunes reviews whenever you want.

    I thought New Zealand was more progressive than the states. I can’t believe they would pass something banning people from wearing T-shirts against the pope. I’m not sure, but isn’t that against freedom of speech? Maybe it’s different there.

  2. Don’t worry, neither I nor my ego was offended by its mention. Actually, I don’t think much could offend my ego…

    The suppression of t-shirts is in Australia, not New Zealand; as far as I know, nothing like that has ever happened here, certainly not in the past 12 years. I think our Human Rights Act would make it impossible to ban a shirt, though if it was clearly obscene or libelous that might be a different matter, just as it would be in the US. In any case, it’s the Australians who are getting all upset about possibly annoying t-shirts, not us.

  3. I LOVE hearing you read emails…you often make us sound much more butch when you read our writings outloud than I’m sure we sound in person!

    Happy hundredth.

  4. Happy 100 this show was very interesting and certainly understand not doing a big production for milestone shows.

    As far as asking for reviews do what you want that is what is important because it is YOUR show! Reviews do help to get more reviews but word of mouth works as well!

  5. (F)reddy: I have no idea how butch people sound in real life, but I always thought I made them sound like big girls’ blouses. Who knew? 😉 Thanks for the good wishes!

    Ramble Redhead: Thanks for the wishes. I figure that if I wait until later on, I might be able to pull off a special episode without it being too naff. The existing examples are pretty intimidating!

    The truth is, I bore myself talking about iTunes reviews, which is why I don’t often mention them. Besides, I’m pretty far along in my goal, anyway.

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