AmeriNZ 101 – Getting to stay

In today’s snack-sized episode, I tell you what it was like to go through the process of becoming a permanent resident, what it felt like and what I was thinking at the time. I also tell you a little bit about the pope in Australia and a NZ connection to it. Soon, maybe Friday, I’ll be talking about becoming a Kiwi.

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8 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 101 – Getting to stay

  1. Hello,

    I found this podcast (iTunes NZ) a few weeks ago, and only now I managed to listen to a full show. I think it is great.
    As an immigrant to NZ myself, it’s very interesting to hear other experiences of immigration. I never had to do the personal investigation, but a friend of mine did, and it was pretty much the same story.

    About the education bit, the new NZ system is called NCEA.

    Thanks for the podcast.

  2. Very interesting show. Even though the immigration process seemed an ordeal, it sounds like it’s not near as bad as immigrating to the US. I know people who have been trying to get their citizenship for years with all kinds of lawyer expenses involved. A friend of mine just got his US Citizenship a couple of weeks ago.

    Great show. I love hearing your stories.

  3. Archerr: Then you’ll like the Tuesday format, because they’ll remain snack sized portions for the time being!

    Erez: Welcome! I like to share immigrant experiences, both my own and others, so you’re welcome to share yours. Thanks for the NCEA tip!

    Tim: I do think that immigrating to New Zealand is easier than to the US, and my impression is that gaining NZ citizenship is easier or, at least, no harder than in the US. I’ll be sharing more of my own stories in the weeks ahead.

  4. Very interesting show – it is amazing what we as members of GLBT communit have to go through and glad things have improved with the process.

  5. I can confirm the process is simpler for a married couple.

    We provided a copy of our marriage license and a written statement (scribbled on a scrap of paper at the NZIS office) that I supported her application as my partner. That was it.

  6. Thanks, Reed. I thought that might be the case. I wonder, though, if it’s equally easy for same-sex couples who have registered relationships equivalent to New Zealand’s Civil Unions. The main reason we had to jump through so many hoops was that we had no other way to prove our relationship was real. So, I’d bet that people in civil unions or equivalent would have an easier time of it than we did.

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