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First up today I talk about some of the additional things I want to do, beyond the podcast and blog, and I ask for your feedback. Not everyone wants the same sort of content, so this is your chance to speak up. Also, the Friday episode is moving to Thurday (NZ time), for now, at least.

Comments let me expand on a few topics. Birthday greetings to Wes Stone and Big Fatty. Also, a special hello to listener Alvaro.

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8 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 107 – Directing content

  1. Arthur,

    STOP! I think you’re overthinking things. Your format, as is, is perfectly fine. Your fanbase knows exactly what you talk about, so if they see you blog about a particular topic they aren’t interested in, they know to skip it and come back tomorrow for a topic they want to read. I personally don’t think splintering things down is a good idea.

    As for the podcast, any recording schedule you pick is fine for me. For people who prefer hearing your shows three days apart, they can hold the second show of the week, right?

    And finally, as for video podcasts, I say keep them in the regular AmeriNZ feed. For people who don’t like video podcasts, they can delete. For lazy people like me, we won’t have to do anything extra to get the videos.

    And if you’re doing videos, does that mean we can finally get another Nigel episode? It seems pretty hard to get him to come back for a thirty minute show, maybe it will be easier to get him for a ten minute show?


  2. So glad to hear your sister is doing better. I hope she continues to do well.

    I agree with Walt…you are over thinking it. Just post when you want and those who want to listen will listen and those who want to see videos will watch. However, I do think you should split the two up and keep the videos and podcasts separately….only because that’s what I’m doing and I want you to be one of the cool kids. hehehe

  3. Just do whatever the hell you want. We’ll listen because we like YOU, not because you had a trainwreck. Although, in my case, I’m sure people listen to ME to see “how much” carnage there is after EVERY trainwreck.

    Just don’t become a Nervous Nelly like Archer…

  4. 1. Agree with everyone else! The big overthink, Arthur! Don’t parse the podcast or the blog unless YOU want to.
    2. Don’t care what days you post. When it’s there, it shows up on my iTunes and I listen to it. When you didn’t podcast for all for a week and a half, it was OK.
    3. I usually listen at work, so the visuals are not likely something I’d check out, but I don’t think you need to differentiate them, just label them. It’s like you said about the political post; if people are not into it, they’ll pass on it. I do, however, think the YouTube link is an intriguing idea.

  5. Everything is fine, change nothing. Video of you is good because you are hawt :p If I had something more I would like to know about, it would be your partner,Nigel, who I understand is Maori? Tell us more about Maori, how they see gender roles, how your relationship is accepted? I do plan on moving to NZ in the next five years, and you have been a really big help. Just be yourself – you are an American in New Zealand. Listening to you helps me get a hang on the culture 🙂 You really are a treasure, mate. You give me hope that NZ isn’t a land full of interesting flightless birds and not much else 🙂

  6. First I hope you sister is doing well. Sounds like they had a nasty accident.
    Second, I’m not a big fan of video-cast as they require my full attention. I tend to listen to podcasts at work or while doing something else (Like a radio basically) and I just skip almost all of my podcasts which have video.
    Regarding ideas for topics as a non American, I think an explanation about the difference between the Democratic and the Republican parties would be a good topic.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for the feedback—I really appreciate it! Basically, you all reinforced what I was thinking, and sometimes that’s all that’s needed. So, thanks again, and we’ll see where this all goes!

  8. I agree with everyone else- things are great as is but if you want to change things because YOU want to change things, go for it.

    From the perspective of another American who has now adopted New Zealand as home, I find the mix of your topics absolutely perfect. I’ve learned a lot about my new home from you and I’m also keeping up (as much as I want to) with goings on in the US- I love the new Friday show with Jason.

    Whatever you do, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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