AmeriNZ 281 – Colds

We’ve been cold and had colds—not fun. But today I begin with a little update on what we’ve been up to, including some technological stuff (yeah, it surprises me, too). I move on to phone messages that allow me to comment further. Then to wrap up this episode, I pay tribute to my friend, known on this podcast as Lord Byron of Illinois, who died June 10. I talk a bit, too, about online friendships being real friendships—because I think they are. And that includes all of you who I know only through this podcast, by the way.

Links for this episode
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One thought on “AmeriNZ 281 – Colds

  1. I hope the attitudes about “online friends” vs “real friends” dissipates soon. The quality of the dialogue should dictate the level of friendship – not a tactile presence.

    Very nice, thoughtful, honest tribute to Lord Byron.

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