AmeriNZ 283 – Colder

It’s been cold in Auckland this week. Last week was my busy week—with a twist. I’ll be part of a new podcast, but it doesn’t have a name. Leave your suggestion in the comments or ring the comment line. I also talk a bit about Pride 48. Congratulations to Ramble Redhead for 500 episodes! After that, I talk about a blog project I’ve been taking part in called ABC Wednesday. A comment lets me talk a bit about the upcoming New Zealand Census.

Links for this episode
Pride 48 – The site has pretty much anything you’d want to know
Ramble Redhead Podcast
Y is for yakka – My ABC Wednesday blog post that I mentioned
New Zealand Census and confidentiality

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 283 – Colder

  1. One thing you didn’t touch on in your census discussion is the sensitivity some (many? most?) people with Jewish background feel about the idea of the government (any government) having a convenient list of all the Jews in the country. The historical reasons are obvious. Similar fears could attach for other “races” (more properly, identifiable groups) either now, or in future.

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