AmeriNZ 125 – Politicast for the Last Weekend

We’re heading into the final weekend of the 2008 Election Campaign, so we start off talking about recent events, including Barack’s 30-minute broadcast, early voting, voting machines, vote fraud and we even have an election night tip. We eventually move on to talking about various ballot initiatives, and when we get to talking about Proposition 8 in California, I really get on my soapbox. Should there be some sort of penalty for those who use lies in a political campaign, like those trying to end same-sex marriage in California have done? I don’t think that ads using lies should be allowed, but Jason is more dubious. Later, after comments, we start talking about the notion that politicians are never allowed to admit mistakes, so they have to stick with bad ideas no matter what. All of which are the sorts of things we’ll be talking about once this election is finally over.

Next political chat will be on Election Eve.

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Real Clear Politics
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5 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 125 – Politicast for the Last Weekend

  1. Great podcast, guys! I especially liked your follow ons to Roger’s and my discussion- Jason particularly made good points on how it’s easier to realise it’s time to quit when it’s not you that needs to do the quitting.

    Funny moment this AM- sat down in a Chch waiting room just as the woman in the chair next to me said to another “you know how those Americans are”. I said “what?” – one word, so she didn’t hear my accent. She looked a bit caught out but did manage to say “you know, they’re always voting for weird people”. We all hoped that wasn’t going to be the case this time.

  2. The reason that McCain didn’t attack Obama over Khalidi (though Palin DID) was that McCAIN has a connection with Khalidi. See Olbermann:

    Oh, and here’s consservative elite snob Fred Barnes complaining about old people voting early, when only BUSY people like himself should be afforded the privilege. Given the hiccups in the early voting (something that, alas, I cannot do in NYS), can you blame people for getting out early, even if they don’t “need” to? (second video; first one is re: Liddy Dole becoming stupid)

  3. Hi Arthur – it’s me in Orlando again. Yes, the polls were open for a total of 12 hours as they will be tomorrow for election day. Our newspaper is reporting that 85% of all eligible voters in Orange county may have voted already. The lines by my house at the Alafaya library are 3 hours long. I sent away for a absentee balot. My husband got his – mine was never processed so I never received it. I am going to vote tomorrow. Pity me. Actually don’t. I have a Zune and a Kindle for news and reading. I’ll be fine. And yes you were right about Amendment 2 in Florida. It would exclude everything but marriage between a man and a woman. My husband was going to vote yes (he’s Catholic and can’t help himself) until he read that bit. He does support civil unions for all people. I am Episcopalian and think everyone should be MARRIED, have a big white dress or tuxedo and get on with it 🙂 Gene Robison, our Bishop in New Hampshire finally did marry his partner. Sadly, there are no photo’s on the diocese web site. Oh well 🙂


  4. Thanks for the links, Roger- I especially liked this quote:

    * McCain and Palin just can’t leave Pennsylvania alone. Here’s what the Mayor of Scranton had to say: “There is no other reason for John McCain and Sarah Palin to be in the state based on what the polls say, except that they’re counting on us to be bigots.”

    I was in that part of PA about a month ago- we moved to NZ shortly after the last election but still have a house there. Finally went back to clean it out- noticed that the last election, lawn signs in our town were pretty evenly divided between shrub and Kerry but this time, only 1 McSame in the whole town and lots of Obama signs. Kerry won there- roll on Obama victory in PA…

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