AmeriNZ 308 – Eight

amerinz_podcast_150x150So much has happened since my last podcast that “I scarcely know where to begin.” I start out with my own news (hey, it IS my podcast…), more tooth drama. Sigh. Then, a more serious health issue that wasn’t mine. I also talk about the By-election in the Northland Electorate. I was interrupted at one point by a salesperson knocking on the door. Can you spot it? Anyway, in happier news, we’re all excited about the New Zealand Black Caps making it to the ICC Cricket World Cup Final for the first time ever. We play Australia on Sunday. Finally, an explanation of the title of this episode and related topics. Cryptic enough?

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Link for this episode
I can’t handle the tooth – my latest blog post on the tooth drama that has relevant links (and tags)

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