AmeriNZ 135 – Who’s Alice?

This is a short nattercast—maybe it makes up for the long episode earlier this week. Anyway, I tell you a story about old ladies who swear. Lots of clips slip in. I also tell you about my holiday schedule. And that’s about it—hey, it’s only 12 minutes, what more can I say?

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Obama’s first mistake? blog post on Rick Warren.

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4 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 135 – Who’s Alice?

  1. I recognize that song from college when I dated a guy from a small town in Southern Indiana called Batesville. I went home with him to meet his family and the tiny town was having their annual Oktoberfest. He warned me there was a song that everyone knew and sang along with–and it was that Alice song you played! And everyone sang along with the R-rated version of course.

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