AmeriNZ 381 – Royal May

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Today I have THREE topics! First is a citizenship path (finally!) for New Zealanders living in Australia, then how the rich in New Zealand aren’t paying their fair share of tax (and how the NZ news media didn’t handle either topic very well). Then, the coronation of the King of New Zealand. I’ll be watching, but the oath of allegiance is stupid.

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Links for this episode
”Better Australia/New Zealand relations” – My blog post on Australia fixing a grievous wrong toward NZ
”Richest Kiwis pay about half as much tax on the dollar
as the average New Zealander”
”Brits asked to swear oath to King Charles from the couch, a royal first”Stuff
”King Charles’ coronation to include three crowns and two carriages, fresh details show”Stuff

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