AmeriNZ 404 – My day of labour

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016New Zealand’s Labour Day Holiday was this past Monday, and I laboured—and laboured. I’m plotting—sorry, planning a new project that—well, we’ll see. Finally, I have a lighthearted way to end the episode.

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Links for this episode
“My labouring day” – My blog post about how I spent the public holiday
“Tomatoes and blessings” – A post on Labour Day memories
“Falling numbers” – Just a slice-of-life story with something I thought was funny

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2 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 404 – My day of labour

  1. Since you asked, it was the 10/10/2023 Final Jeopardy response.
    Oh, and in my last job, I sat in a cubicle with low walls, so it didn’t matter where I sat, someone could come up from behind me. This went on for 10 months until I blew up and insisted on moving to what was essentially a large closet but where there was a wall to my back.

  2. Thanks—I almost mentioned you specifically, but didn’t want to put pressure on you. U completely sympathise with your work problem, At somewhere I worked (I forget where), I seriously considered putting a little mirror on my desk so I could see people approaching from behind me. Id it’s where I think it may be, I ended up moving to a desk where I faced a window and I could see their people reflected in the glass. Then, I left that job.

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