AmeriNZ 413 – Eighteenth season

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016This episode has been so very long delayed! I was busy with a lot of little things, and I still am, so this episode isn’t edited. I start with what I did right after my previous episode, then I talk about some more things I was doing, including one that was emotionally challenging. I also did something I was able to do because apparently I’m now officially old. Or, something like that..

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Links for this episode
”My challenging visit to Auckland” – My blog post on my trip to Auckland.
“Seeing the road ahead” – My post about going to the optometrist.
“Reading the stuff ahead of me” – My post about picking up my new glass, including a photo of me in the new glasses.
“It was about change, not coincidence” – My post about getting a Warrant of Fitness for my car.

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