AmeriNZ 414 – Circus clowns

amerinz_podcast_1400x1400-2016Today I start with a brief catch-up, but my main topic is about a new opinion poll that has very bad news for the NZ’s 3-way coalition government. I provide some context as well as talk about what the poll means. And it with that, I managed to get a second podcast episode in April.

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Links for this episode
”Poll: Labour could return to power if election held today” – “1News” (TVNZ)
“NZ: Buyer’s remorse?” – My in-depth post about the poll results.
“Govt’s 36-point plan: What does ‘take decisions’ mean?” – “1News “(TVNZ)
“ACT are deeply affiliated with Atlas Group” – Reddit (r/newzealand) [Note: Sources not yet verified by me]

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