AmeriNZ 154 – Adaptation

amerinz_podcast_150x150I begin today with a bit about swine flu in New Zealand, since it’s been in the news internationally. Then it’s on to a normal topic, one suggested by a listener: How I was able to adapt to New Zealand’s more British-based spelling and word usage. A phone message and written comments finish this episode.

Special note: After I recorded this, three of the Auckland flu cases I mentioned were confirmed as swine flu. There are now fourteen cases of Influenza A in Auckland, one of which is a person on the same flight as the previous 12 cases. There are a further 31 possible cases of Influenza A in New Zealand. Authorities currently have 179 people around the country in quarantine. These numbers will change.

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 154 – Adaptation

  1. Glad you and Nigel are well – and I guess Jake doesn’t have to worry about N1H1. (Iowa farmers don’t call it Swine flu; it scares pork producers)
    What a wonderful surprise to hear about the language transition. You had a much better time of it than I would imagine I would have. In 5th grade I had an exchange teacher from Scotland and it was a bit of a struggle for us kids to make sense of some of the things he wrote on the chalk board.
    Thanks again for a wonderful show – Again, I learned so much!

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