2PP006 – 5 May 2009

2PP_Album_art_smallJason’s special days span the globe, but Arthur adds one from space. We begin talking about the flu outbreak, especially how the media did in reporting about it. Was New Zealand’s media coverage any different? From there it’s a discussion of President Obama’s first 100 days, which then leads to a discussion of Arlen Specter changing parties and the two main parties generally. Arthur mentions a podcaster’s challenge, and why the right just doesn’t “get” new media or the Internet Age.

There are extensive comments on the last episode, so we don’t read them all. Instead, we talk about them and the topics they raise. Back in 2 weeks!

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Star Wars Day
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2 thoughts on “2PP006 – 5 May 2009

  1. I loved the Two Political Podcast show this week. Swine Flu = a non event. Once again CNN has blown this out of proportion which is why I hate watching CNN even more than Fox Noise.

    Regarding the first 100 day of the Obama Administration, I think the Obama Administration has a long list of accomplishments to be very proud of in the first 100 days considering everything they are dealing with.

    And I was very pleased today to learn that Joe My God’s Blog got the Obama Administration to re-change their agenda to “Repeal” the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy.” But the wording they changed it to on Change.gov website gives them the opportunity to back off based on how things really work in DC.

    Well just have to see how this plays out like today when the DC City Council that passed a law allowing Gay Marriages to be recognized by the District of Columbia. We can not get married in DC, but if we go to a state that allows Gay marriage and got married, DC would recognize it when we got home.

    Now we just have to wait for the Mayor to sign off on it and the US House and Senate to try and stop it.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much Arthur 🙂 You are right on about the teabaggers and the Ron Paul people. I am glad you are able to get the audio to Rachel Maddow and Democracy Now 🙂 I recently was watching an ep of Bill Moyers at PBS (which you can get an audio podcast of I think) where Amy Goodman was saying that more people are searching out alternative news sources because American journalism is not doing it’s job. I get more enlightenment from listening to you and Jason debate than I do from watching ABC. You are both paid much less that Katie Couric, sadly.

    There is such a backlash against the teabag protests that it really makes me question what the intent is? Is it pandering to sentiment that the nail that sticks up must be hammered down, or is it just more popular to slate things outright?

    A long time ago I read Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. The one thing I took away from it was that people do not like bad news. It can be true, it can be relevant, but if it’s uncomfortable no one likes it. I think that might have a lot to do with it.

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