AmeriNZ 165 – AmeriNZ LIVE

amerinz_podcast_150x150This is a LONG episode! It’s the recorded version of a live show Nigel and I did on the Pride 48 Stream on Saturday afternoon, which was Friday evening in North America. We thought more people would be able to take part than last time, and we were right! This is a show about nothing, just a chat among a variety of folks—not all of them podcasters.

If we do this again, they’ll either be shorter or I’ll split them, but this time I didn’t plan for that. There are a few other minor details to perfect, too—like content, for example. Seriously, it was all just a bit of fun, and completely different from the regular podcast. It’s nice to take a break sometimes.

Also on this episode:

Daniel Brewer of Dubious Intent podcast.
Nessa of Stars & Tartan podcast.
David from That Blue Jeans Guy podcast.
Wes Stone of the Live it up! podcast.
Steven from Wisconsin also joins us.

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 165 – AmeriNZ LIVE

  1. Surprisingly enjoyayable, given the unscripted nature. If I knew you were a poli sci major, I had forgotten. *I’M* a poli sci major!

    Still, since I listen at work on headphones, and answer the phone, the listening was probably interrupted seven times. Someone did a study –someone ALWAYS does a study — and it was determined that 40-45 minutes is optimal for a podcast. That’s 45 minutes American, BTW – don’t know how it converts to metric.

  2. Hilarious podcast – you should do drunky gang bang live shows more often 🙂
    Great crowd of amazingly funny people – and I don’t think Dennis dominated the show. He is a nice guy who just smokes too much.

    Thanks for the great fun!

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