AmeriNZ 3 – Gay in New Zealand

AmeriNZ_Podcast_150x150.jpgWhat’s it like being gay in New Zealand? How do New Zealanders treat gay people? This episode I talk about both. Please leave a comment—anonymous comments are fine, if you want.

This episode, like last week, was a bit rushed (relatives were about to arrive). Sometimes, life happens. Apologies, too, for getting the show notes up so late; Blogger was down (again) when I was ready to post.

Music: Love Who You Are (Radio Edit) HERO (c) 2000 Universal Music NZ Ltd.

Some relevant links from this episode:


Rainbow Labour (GLBT caucus of Labour Party MPs)

ArcherRadio. I was on the group show again this week. Just between us, I love taking part in the group shows. Listen to Archerr’s show, then please leave a comment on Archerr’s site.

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