AmeriNZ 48 – Preachers’ Kids

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This is a special episode, and one of my favourites yet! I’m joined by two other gay podcasters who, like me, are preachers’ kids: Tim Corrimal (Go Rainbow Radio and There Are Some Who Call Me Tim) and Eric (Confessions of a Southern Boy in Yankee Land). We have a wide-ranging conversation about being preachers’ kids who grew up gay. What’s it like for a gay kid growing up, literally, in the church? Were we affected by Biblical passages used against gay people? How do we feel about religion now?

We share some stories from our growing up, talk about some differences between “mainstream” and “evangelical” protestants, and plenty of other things, too. This conversation was too interesting to me to cut into two parts, so I hope you’ll forgive the longer length episode.

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Ernest Angley

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