AmeriNZ 50 – Fabulous

Episode 50 is now available. You can listen to it or download it through the player at the bottom of this post, or subscribe for free through iTunes here (you must have the free iTunes player installed). You can also listen to it for free through the player on my MySpace page.

This is the 50th episode of the AmeriNZ Podcast! I also commemorate the twelfth anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand to live, and it’s the date Nigel and I take as our anniversary, too.

Today, I share some memories of my arrival in NZ. I also give you a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the creation of my podcast. I then have comments, before moving on to some time with Nigel. Intermixed are phone messages I received, plus plenty of things I’ve never played publicly before.

I also move the curtain so you can see some of the behind-the-scenes magic. The jet landing sound effect has been part of the intro since episode one, as has the Morse Code. I also tell you about some of what led to the creation of the podcast.

Thanks for your support over the first 50 episodes! I hope to make the next 50 better and better.

Mentioned on this episode:

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Ramble Redhead where I was a guest (part two)

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The Holiday Time post from 2006

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