AmeriNZ 228 – Busy in New Zealand

amerinz_podcast_150x150I begin today with a story about produce. Well, it’s an international dispute, really. Then it’s on to the story of the fall from grace of New Zealand’s first openly-gay Member of Parliament. A jet even gets a mention today. Phone messages and comments round out this episode.

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Links for this episode
NZ wins 90-year Australia apple war
5-hour Europe flight step closer
Hello Nessa
Today’s closing music is “Blood Pressurize” by Glen Phillips, from the Free Glen Phillips Sampler

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One thought on “AmeriNZ 228 – Busy in New Zealand

  1. You know that when “the other” gets in trouble, it still does reflect on the whole, at least in the minds of some who are already hard-wired to think that way.
    I can’t help but to notice that the two powerful Democrats in the US House now in trouble are both black. My cynical side says that others have noted that fact and have or will exploit it, perhaps subtlely.

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