This week, I was part of the panel on a new podcast, This Week in Gay. The debut episode was posted yesterday. The other panellists were by Satyr69 from the Satyrsphere Podcast, David of That Blue Jeans Guy Podcast, JayT from JayTOnline, and Matthew from Spanking Bea Arthur. The host, and creator of the podcast, is Anthony from A Shanty No Lemon.

Anthony’s idea was to resurrect the group discussions of a former podcast. He wrote: “Join us as we discuss this week’s news affecting the Gay community. Leave your feedback at” I like what Anthony is doing with the podcast, and I think it’ll get even better as it gets going. Personally, I think it takes most podcasts awhile to start to “work”, but maybe that was just true for me.

Anyway, for a group discussion on current events, check out This Week in Gay.