AmeriNZ 102 – Becoming Kiwi

I begin today by telling you about a couple items in the news, first, those missing Indians, then the NZ Census wants to identify the sexual orientation of New Zealanders.

The main topic today is about becoming Kiwi, essentially, being assimilated. I talk about my experience and my attitudes about it. I think that it helped me in unexpected ways.

Comments, a phone message and emails are next, which lets me talk a little more about the state of gay rights in New Zealand. Then I tell you about the schedule for Friday.

Please leave a comment or send an email to arthur{at] You can also ring my US listener line on 206-339-8413.

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8 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 102 – Becoming Kiwi

  1. Hey, Arthur – I think Americans are among the worst at dealing with geography. I tell people I live in NYS and I find that some people seem to think that Buffalo is a suburb of NYC.

  2. I think you’re right, Roger, mainly because geography isn’t taught in schools as much anymore. Plus, there’s not much need for people to know about other countries that they’ll never go visit. But if Americans just understood a little more, I think the world would be a better place.

  3. That’s so cool that NZ is adding all those categories to their census. At some point the US needs to start learning things from NZ.

  4. I always thought that Americans get hard time about geography. I know some of it is justified, but I assume that in any country you’ll find these who don’t know the first thing about geography.

    I finally got to last week’s podcast (102) and I very much like to thank you for mentioning my photos. I’m glad you liked them.

    Oh, and you said my name correctly and that’s always a bonus.

  5. Archerr: I think it’s mostly because being gay is much less of a big deal here than in the US. While gay people in the US are making progress toward acceptance in the US, New Zealand is much farther down the track.

    Erez: You’re absolutely right, and some Americans know a lot about geography. As is often the case, the whole of America is treated like its poorest educated elements. But I think the problem would be helped by higher requirements in schooling and if Americans travelled more.

    I definitely like your photos and the variety, too. Glad I got your name at least somewhat right!

  6. I’m a little behind this week, vacation…so I’m playing catch up today.

    I agree with you that folks immigrating to another country should try to adopt their customs/lifestyles/languages, etc. It’s that whole “when in Rome…” thing.

    I am one of those ingnernt [spelt that way on purpose] Americans when it comes to Geography. ESPECIALL IN MY OWN COUNTRY. These two stories are horribly embarrassing.
    When I first immigrated to Texas (from Oklahoma!) I was driving straight down I-35 from Oklahoma City through Texas. When I got to Dallas, I went west on I-20 thinking Austin was in the pan handle of the state. (I had never visited Central Texas prior to deciding to move there…THAT is an entirely different story!). About 10 miles out from Dallas I decided to stop and ask directions. The gas station attendant told me to “head east about 10 miles and turn south on I-35 and keep goin’ till you drive through it.” WHO KNEW?

    THE MOST EMBARASSING, however, was when I went to visit a friend of mine in Seattle. He asked if there was anything special I wanted to do while I was in town. I said, “Yes. I’d like to go see some of the monuments.” He asked, “What monuments.” And I said, “You know, the Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, etc.” He started laughing and said, “Dear, that’s all in Washington, D.C.” I said, “Oh, is that far?” He said, “Yeah, on the other coast!” I hadn’t previously realized that Washington, D.C. WASN’T in WASHINGTON STATE!

    And THAT is the cost of an Oklahoma education!

    Loved the show.

    P.S. The second email of mine your read sounded more creepy than butch! 

  7. FOR THE RECORD…BOTH of the above stories happened MORE THAN 20 years ago! I ain’t that stupid (I think) today!!!

  8. Another fantastic show – glad that NZ is willing to accept gay couples and truly wish the US will do the same.

    I guess the US government is scared to see how many members of the GLBT community there really are and wish that we would all stand up to be counted!

    Be proud bitches!

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