AmeriNZ 278 – Full of GO

A Wednesday episode? And two in one week? Has the world gone mad?! No, I just decided I may as well podcast again this week to start getting back into the swing of things. I start with an update on my projects (includes “how to” information!). Basically, we’re all go! From there I talk about some things in the New Zealand news, starting with a couple things about Christchurch. Then, it’s on to major NZ political controversy, which lets me point out shortcomings of the current National Party-led government. Finally, some news relating New Zealand and the United States. It’s an action-packed episode! A voice message closes it out.

Links for this episode
Demolition ordered for QEII Park
$5m cardboard cathedral for Chch
Britons back restoring quake-hit cathedral
Pokie deal opposition heats up
To access the “Show Us Your Cards, John” project the Herald article mentions, visit the site of the New Zealand Labour Party and click on the badge promoting it (I’m not posting a direct link here because I don’t go back and update links posted in shownotes, and the direct link will go away when the project ends).
NZ telcos mull blacklisting stolen cellphones

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