AmeriNZ 116 – A Canadian Mark

Joining me today is one of my “e-friends”, Mark from Slap Upside the Head, which is one of my favourite sites on the Internet (his motto: “Combatting bigotry the gayest way I know how”). Mark was last on the podcast on Episode 51 back in November of last year.

Canada is having in election in October, so we talk a bit about that, and also about the elections in the US and New Zealand, all of which are happening relatively close to each other. What’s happening with proportional representation in Canada? We also talk about the nature of political parties, in Canada and elsewhere.

Some Americans talk about moving to Canada if McCain wins. Is that realistic? We even talk about the controversy about the “Hockey Tonight” theme. Do you know what the national sport of Canada is? Yes, we Do talk about sports!

Please visit Mark’s site!

Links for this episode:

Mark’s last time on the podcast:
AmeriNZ #51 – Mark from Slap

Escape to Canada trailer

Pooping puffin pulled from Tory ad

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3 thoughts on “AmeriNZ 116 – A Canadian Mark

  1. So here I am heading down to my polling station, which happened to be in the lobby of my apartment building, and I am still catching up on podCasts and sure enough this is the top of the list.

    Could it get any more ironic?

    Great show guys! Really enjoyed it and the conversation I had in my head with you both!


  2. Was caught off guard hearing you read my comments; was walking down the street listening away and blah blah blah, turnipHed…..WHAT? LOL

    And to confirm your suspicions – yes that was me that did the gang bang with you and it was a “commonwealth” episode!

    Looking forward to hearing what Mark has to say!

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